Intentional conversation about spiritual things
over really good food

Eating Well Together

Good Food, Slow Food, Shared Food

Gastrochurch is an experiment in intentional conversation about spiritual things over really good food. We meet in restaurants, homes, yards, and the occasional farm to share an intentional meal together. We believe in slow good, good food, and shared food, and we believe that somewhere in the mix, God tends to show up.
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​Wings and Teams
November 10, Heights
​November 17, Bay Area​​

Very little inspires as much passion, loyalty, and downright insanity in people as sports. Across nations, across cultures, across times, people love their teams with unparalleled enthusiasm. For this gastrochurch gathering, we're doing something a little different. We're going to ditch the white tablecloths and throw a tailgating party. We'll still have all the meaty conversation you expect from gastrochurch (see what I did there? meaty? I'm hilarious...), but we'll do it with lawn chairs and grilled goodness, while exploring spiritual themes of loyalty, passion, and rivalry.
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slow food, good food, shared food