Intentional conversation about spiritual things
over really good food

Eating Well Together

Good Food, Slow Food, Shared Food

Gastrochurch is an experiment in intentional conversation about spiritual things over really good food. We meet in restaurants, homes, yards, and the occasional farm to share an intentional meal together. We believe in slow good, good food, and shared food, and we believe that somewhere in the mix, God tends to show up.
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​January 26

After the holidays, everyone is ready to get back in shape. The gyms are packed and everyone is carrying around their kale smoothies and organic raw vegan snacks. But what does health actually mean? What does wellness look like? What does it mean to nourish ourselves--to feed ourselves what our bodies and souls truly crave? Join us in January for a shared meal (don't worry--it's healthy this time!) and conversation about what it means to be truly well.
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slow food, good food, shared food